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Spotlight: Tunnels @LesleyDownie #YA #MG #Mystery


Don’t you just love this cover?

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Katherine Goldstein, the sleuth of all sleuths living in Citrus Grove, has uncovered amazing finds from the past. Join Kat and her friends as she delves into another mystery surrounding her city. Will she uncover the truth? Will Kat finally get the chance to talk to her crush? As you turn the pages of Tunnels, be ready for adventure, intrigue, and a fun, all-around story written for children. A very ‘tween type book, but fun to read as an adult as well. This would make a great family read-aloud. -Pamela Bunch, Youth Services Librarian, A.K. Smiley Public Library

Secrets of the past are buried in an old tunnel system deep below Kat Goldstein’s hometown and she’s going to prove it. But she’s also crushing hard. To pull-off love and fame, she must defeat a menacing stranger, foil an archenemy’s plan to flat-line her social life, and depend on her cowardly BFF, Evan, who still sleeps with a nightlight and would rather be getting mani-pedis than digging up old stuff. Middle school just got interesting.




Lesley Downie divides her time between writing, work, and family in Redlands, California, the very place where her current story began so long ago when she was a kid running over and under the historical streets of her hometown. Tunnels is Lesley’s second novel.


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