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This year, I’m thankful for writers, and my neocortex. What about you?

Hi guys …

So, here’s a picture of the inside of your brain:

Nice right, all that disgusting pink macaroni?

And here is a picture of the inside  of a writer’s brain:

If you are a writer, I’m sorry, but you know it’s true

Regardless, it’s that pink macaroni (on fire or not) that I am thankful for this year. Oh, I know what you’re thinking. A. She’s weird. (True dat) and B. WTH?

I’m doing research for my new young adult novel. I believe in working hard for my readers. If I ask you to suspend belief as I write the unbelievable, then I better root my lies in some basic truths so there’s a tiny shred of plausibility to follow, make sense?

So I find that the reason I care and the creativity that exists within me and you, for that matter, comes from our little friend here, the neocortex.

It deals with patience…

… and every writer knows you need patience to finish a novel. We have loads of it. (cough)

The neocortex deals with creativity, imagination, problem solving, abstract thought …

All that crap intelligent processing goes into writing a good story. Stands to reason, does it not?

Authors dream up interesting characters and put them in impossible storylines they then have to be savvy enough to get them out of in one piece.

Or not. Maybe it’s a tragedy, who knows? Either takes some serious brain power!

Point is, I have read some amazing novels this year from truly gifted authors. Books that make me want to throw my laptop against the wall, confess I’m a total poser in comparison to their brilliance and wish I had their talent … but I digress. Toward the end of the year, I’ll post my top favorite books for 2012. Today, I just want to say I’m thankful to people who write. For their exceptional brains. That they are willing to lay bare a piece of their soul and present it for the masses to inspect and peruse, to read and review, in all its raw, dazzling beauty or epic failure. They are all heroes to me.

Anything you dig out of your heart with a spoon and show the world takes courage. Be it writing or acting or music or dance or any other form of expression. Wild applause to you, my friends, if it’s your passion, never stop trying. Never ever give up. When you master your gift and use the gray matter within to its fullest capacity, with all that unlimited ability unleashed, the world will thank you.

I already am, and I’m taking this moment to say so.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

And just if you want to … drop me a line and tell me what you’re thankful for this year. I’d love to hear from you.