Comfort food, does it work with books, too?

Do you have a favorite food? Not just something that tastes good once in a while. I’m talking about your ‘go to’ snack when you feel sick, or crummy. Maybe you got fired, got a D on your mid-term  or  your boyfriend dumped you for your arch rival. That sort of comfort food is totally needed during those times.

Most people have favorites. I know I do. Then I got to thinking … I have books on my shelves that serve the same purpose. When I need a book to hit a certain spot no other can, I have comfort books. I read them over and over, maybe once every year or two. When I miss the characters so much, I just have to visit them again. You know, in case something changed while they were up there hanging out in my bookcase.

 I have books that have left such a huge impression on my heart, I am compelled to get them down and read them again. Maybe I am the biggest cheeseball ever. I mean, it’s not like I don’t know where this tale is going, right? Still, I get a knot in my stomach when the hero and heroine first meet. Don’t you? My heart beats a little faster when they argue, I worry whether or not they’ll get together. And you all know that delicious fluttery feeling you get in your chest when they kiss? Awesomeness. Oh, fess up! Call me a sap all day long, but you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So anyway … I’d love to know what comforts you.

I’m a little blue today. When I am feeling melancholy , I actually like a stormy night, a fablulous book, and a soft blanket. I need a pick me up and the comfort books & food are calling.

Maybe I’ll grab some  chocolate ice cream and eat it while I read. Hmmm.

What about you? Any suggestions for me? What makes you feel better when you’re down? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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5 responses to “Comfort food, does it work with books, too?

  • Alicia

    Poison Study is my go to when I need something familiar, but I also fall back on a couple of familiar urban fantasies, the Mercy Thompson series, Diana Rowland’s Demon Summoner series, and Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series.

  • Danielle Smiley

    Pride & Prejudice would be my #1 “comfort food” of books. Both the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter are also go-to’s for me too 🙂 Love this post!!!

  • Julie Antonovich Reece

    You guys are giving me some great book ideas to try! Thanks 🙂

  • nrlymrtl

    Great post and so true. I have several comforts that i go back to again and again. Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Dart made me a better person; Guy Gavriel Kay (any of his works) always gives me hope for humanity; Brandon Sanderson is great when I need depth of character and plot. There’s many others, but those are the ones on my tongue today.

  • emaginette

    I have several places–books–I like to visit when life gets me down. A vacation of the mind is as good as a rest. That’s not it, but it’s close enough. 🙂

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