Where, when, and how do you like to read?

Hi everybody!

Is that a weird question? More musings today. You people already know I’m crazy so just go with this, okay?

So, I’m in the shower thinking about reading. What? I was. I also think about reading in my car, at the grocery store, while I work out at the gym, when I put my makeup on, and when I sleep … where I tend to dream about reading.

A-hem. That’s another post for another day. Anyway, as the shampoo dripped into my eyes, stinging the crap out of them, I realized something— my reading habit’s changed when I changed bathing habits.

Yes, I get this giddy over reading in the bathtub, don’t you?

WTHeck? Right? Well, see I used to run a steaming hot bubble bath, grab my dog-eared paperback of the moment, jump in the tub and read ’til the water went cold. You can do that with paperbacks. In my opinion, that’s what they are for. Love them up, turn down the pages, take them to the pool, the beach—treat ’em rough. They like it!  🙂

Hard covers? Perish the thought! Those babies get a place of honor on my bookshelf. True favorites are worth the money and a permanent place in my home where space is limited. Why? Because the spectacular writing of that particular author hit a heartstring and they’ve earned their spot. Hard covers are read in special places where nothing will damage them, under the shade in a hammock on a sunny day, at the park, or on my back porch. *Sigh*

Part of the change in my reading habits occurred when my writer friend, J.A. Belfield, told me to put a Kindle AP on my computer. Wait, what? You don’t know her? Run, don’t walk, to your nearest computer and download her books! http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4730698.J_A_Belfield  As I was saying … digital reading put a laptop in my fingers instead of paper. And since my battery blows chunks (I need a new one which I’m too cheap to buy) that limits me to the wall plugs next to my bed or on my couch at night. Still, reading on my laptop is nice next to a cozy fire in the winter. *sigh x 2*

Don’t you find reading makes you more attractive? I usualy look just like this when I read first thing in the morning.

So between Kindle and showers, my reading habits have changed. I think most people have a favorite place to read along with a format they like. What about you? Kindle, Nook, paperback, hard cover … Leave me a comment, I’d love to know …  where, when, and how you like to read?

Reading is just so sexy, people. Plus, it tends to make our bodies more flexible. I like contorting into uncomfortable positions and reading for hours, but now I’m just showing off.

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17 responses to “Where, when, and how do you like to read?

  • kford2007

    I read anywhere i can. I used to read in the tub until it sprang a leak which I haven’t been able to fix. Now I read on my PC, in the living room or on the Kindle on my laptop (really don’t like reading on my pc. I refuse to buy a Kindle or Nook or any of those other e-readers. I’m a book gal. I like pages. Despite my concerted efforts to take care of my books, some of them, including hardbacks, are falling apart. Let’s just say they are well loved. Personally, I don’t care where I am when I read. If the book is good, it will transport me somewhere else anyway. Great post!

  • Julie Antonovich Reece

    Kford2007 said: “Personally, I don’t care where I am when I read. If the book is good, it will transport me somewhere else anyway.”

    I think that is very profound! 🙂

  • jabelfield

    Hehehe, you are too funny. 😀

    I’m not a big fan of reading on my laptop, but I think that’s because i spend so many hours AT my laptop that I prefer my reading sessions to be a break from that. As for the where? Pretty much anywhere, at any time I have free. Over breakfast? I read. Whilst drinking my morning coffee and supervising the kidlets getting ready for school? I read. On the loo? I read. In the bath? I read. And in bed, I definitely read. As for hard copy V e-reader, I don’t mind which. I LOVE my kindle–especially for reading whilst eating cos I can prop it up and the pages stay where I want them to and don’t flip all over the place like the little miscreants the paper ones can be. BUT, I DO like collecting books. I have quite a few books signed by the authors, and LOVE them. I also have a fetish for collecting books with pretty covers. 🙂

    p.s. cheers for the shout-out. 😀

  • char

    My favorite place to read is curled up on the corner of MY spot on the couch. When someone takes MY spot, I want to cry, and it deters my reading ecstasy to sit elsewhere. But I also like to read in the car (even though that isn’t comfortable), because it helps the hours pass by faster.

  • Jo

    I’m pretty simple when it comes to reading. Whatever soft piece of furniture is closest to the last place I left my book is where I read. Sometimes I’m upside down on the sofa. Laying across the bed. Spread out on the carpet by the fire. If the book is good I could be in a prickle bush and it would be okay-fine with me. 🙂

  • Brooke DelVecchio

    I used to love to read in the bathtub. When my second son was born I started a ritual where I would take a bath every single Sunday. Just me, a glass of wine and a book. But that slowly went by the wayside. I really need to get back into that! Now I read on the couch (hoping the kids won’t interrupt me) and in bed before we go to sleep (gotta love my Kindle case with the light on it!). I also read at work during lunch and when I bring my kids to Karate.

  • emaginette

    I read in the bath, on the treadmill, and in bed. I thought everyone did. 🙂

  • Christie Rich

    I read everywhere, anywhere, and any time I can. I just wish I had more time for it lately. I love my Kindle’s Text to Speech option because I can have the computer read to me while I commute to work or need to make dinner or whatever. I’ve been able to keep up with my reading that way. It’s a little strange at times listening to the automated voice, but I’ve gotten used to it, lol.

    It’s kind of funny because I thought I wouldn’t like my kindle as much as I do. It has made my reading life so much easier. Now if they would only make a waterproof version…

  • littlebluelady

    I like to read in bed with my kindle. It helps to wash the day away.

  • Julie Antonovich Reece

    Can I just say the avatar rocks littlebluelady! 🙂

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