Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do?

Today I want to talk about ten levels of bad guys. (My ten levels anyway) Brought to you by one who must write their characters. If you’re a reader or writer, director or movie goer, you love to hate these guys, and no story is complete without one. They bring drama, tension, risk and danger to our favorite tales. We’d be lost without them. So … Who is your favorite type bad guy?

1. The first on our list today is the nice, bad-guy. Too good to be a true bad guy, too bad to be a hero. We wonder if there’s more than a little redemptive in this guy. He’s a rascal, a thief, womanizer and scoundrel, but we love him for it!

2. This guy is evil charm at it’s finest. He’s slick, refined, funny and rotten to the core. (And my personal favorite, p.s.)

3. Then there is this one, (also a favorite) who is more gritty, evil and COMPLETELY sexy. The love ’em and leave ’em type without the, ‘thank you ma’am’. You know you want to be the one to make him good, but you never will.

4. Next is the intelligent villian. He’s an evil genius and the smarter the bad guy, the more he makes us ask, what makes this wacko tick? We are fascinated with his twisted mind and he gains our respect with his sick brilliance. We watch him destroy everything in his path like a bad accident. You can’t turn away as he commits his heinous crimes, admit it, and he’ll do it to you over and over again. Thank you, sir, may I have another?

5. Animal bad guys. They won’t play nice, no matter how politely you ask them. The shark was sooo bad, as was the rabid dog, Anaconda, not to mention the king sized ape who proved a handful, too.

6. This boy is ALL bad. He hunts and hurts without conscience and we only try a little to understand his reasons. It’s understood he’s beyond redemption which frees us to enjoy his royal rottenness.

7. There’s the emotionally scarred, criminally insane, comic book bad guy. He fascinates us with his mystery and general, crazy evilness. I don’t know why there is something sympathetic about him, but there is, don’t you agree?

8. Inanimate object bad guy. (He does not remain inanimate long) You know in your heart there’s something just wrong about this villian. This type gives me the super shudders. I avoid them myself.

9. Paranormal evil bad guy. This is the spooky, creepy sort that gives me nightmares and keeps my nightlight ON! Yo.

10. Yeah baby!  I stinkin’ love this crap. (Yes, I know that means I must have been a dude in another life) These bad guy are well .. . monstrous. There’s no reasoning with this level of fantastical evil. Our minds don’t even try. They are 100% fun to loathe bad guys and they do scary very well.

What about you? Who’s your favorite bad guy of all? Leave a comment and let me know!

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