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Where, when, and how do you like to read?

Hi everybody!

Is that a weird question? More musings today. You people already know I’m crazy so just go with this, okay?

So, I’m in the shower thinking about reading. What? I was. I also think about reading in my car, at the grocery store, while I work out at the gym, when I put my makeup on, and when I sleep … where I tend to dream about reading.

A-hem. That’s another post for another day. Anyway, as the shampoo dripped into my eyes, stinging the crap out of them, I realized something— my reading habit’s changed when I changed bathing habits.

Yes, I get this giddy over reading in the bathtub, don’t you?

WTHeck? Right? Well, see I used to run a steaming hot bubble bath, grab my dog-eared paperback of the moment, jump in the tub and read ’til the water went cold. You can do that with paperbacks. In my opinion, that’s what they are for. Love them up, turn down the pages, take them to the pool, the beach—treat ’em rough. They like it!  🙂

Hard covers? Perish the thought! Those babies get a place of honor on my bookshelf. True favorites are worth the money and a permanent place in my home where space is limited. Why? Because the spectacular writing of that particular author hit a heartstring and they’ve earned their spot. Hard covers are read in special places where nothing will damage them, under the shade in a hammock on a sunny day, at the park, or on my back porch. *Sigh*

Part of the change in my reading habits occurred when my writer friend, J.A. Belfield, told me to put a Kindle AP on my computer. Wait, what? You don’t know her? Run, don’t walk, to your nearest computer and download her books!  As I was saying … digital reading put a laptop in my fingers instead of paper. And since my battery blows chunks (I need a new one which I’m too cheap to buy) that limits me to the wall plugs next to my bed or on my couch at night. Still, reading on my laptop is nice next to a cozy fire in the winter. *sigh x 2*

Don’t you find reading makes you more attractive? I usualy look just like this when I read first thing in the morning.

So between Kindle and showers, my reading habits have changed. I think most people have a favorite place to read along with a format they like. What about you? Kindle, Nook, paperback, hard cover … Leave me a comment, I’d love to know …  where, when, and how you like to read?

Reading is just so sexy, people. Plus, it tends to make our bodies more flexible. I like contorting into uncomfortable positions and reading for hours, but now I’m just showing off.

Cover Reveal — Resonance by J.A. Belfield

And here it is people:


A Holloway Pack Story #2.5

by J.A. Belfield

Target Reader: Adult

Keywords: Urban Fantasy, Werewolf

Back of the Book Blurb:

Guilt is a heavy burden for the one carrying it.

Jem Stonehouse is no exception to this rule.

What if she’d acted sooner? What if she’d fully recognised the threat? What if she hadn’t allowed the male pack members to head into the witches’ ambush?

For one, youngest pack member Josh Larsen wouldn’t be trapped in the sleep of the dead.

Now, Jem is convinced it’s her job to bring him back to life no matter what it takes— learning more about her heritage, risking pack exposure, or travelling to places she couldn’t have imagined possible.

Even if the journey endangers her soul.

 This series is so good it’s /swoonworthy/hearpumping/hot/ unique. In fact, I love everything about this series. If you haven’t read it, run don’t walk to a computer near you and order these books! 🙂 Start from the beginning  and READ. Seriously, if you love paranormal, you’ll love these stories. 🙂

Add it to your Goodreads TBR!

Other Books in this series include:

Instinct (#0) Eternal (#.5) Darkness & Light (#1) Blue Moon (#2) (Coming December 3, 2012)

Release Date: April 2, 2013

What do you think? Would you read it? Holler if you like hot werewolf boys! 🙂

Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do?

Today I want to talk about ten levels of bad guys. (My ten levels anyway) Brought to you by one who must write their characters. If you’re a reader or writer, director or movie goer, you love to hate these guys, and no story is complete without one. They bring drama, tension, risk and danger to our favorite tales. We’d be lost without them. So … Who is your favorite type bad guy?

1. The first on our list today is the nice, bad-guy. Too good to be a true bad guy, too bad to be a hero. We wonder if there’s more than a little redemptive in this guy. He’s a rascal, a thief, womanizer and scoundrel, but we love him for it!

2. This guy is evil charm at it’s finest. He’s slick, refined, funny and rotten to the core. (And my personal favorite, p.s.)

3. Then there is this one, (also a favorite) who is more gritty, evil and COMPLETELY sexy. The love ’em and leave ’em type without the, ‘thank you ma’am’. You know you want to be the one to make him good, but you never will.

4. Next is the intelligent villian. He’s an evil genius and the smarter the bad guy, the more he makes us ask, what makes this wacko tick? We are fascinated with his twisted mind and he gains our respect with his sick brilliance. We watch him destroy everything in his path like a bad accident. You can’t turn away as he commits his heinous crimes, admit it, and he’ll do it to you over and over again. Thank you, sir, may I have another?

5. Animal bad guys. They won’t play nice, no matter how politely you ask them. The shark was sooo bad, as was the rabid dog, Anaconda, not to mention the king sized ape who proved a handful, too.

6. This boy is ALL bad. He hunts and hurts without conscience and we only try a little to understand his reasons. It’s understood he’s beyond redemption which frees us to enjoy his royal rottenness.

7. There’s the emotionally scarred, criminally insane, comic book bad guy. He fascinates us with his mystery and general, crazy evilness. I don’t know why there is something sympathetic about him, but there is, don’t you agree?

8. Inanimate object bad guy. (He does not remain inanimate long) You know in your heart there’s something just wrong about this villian. This type gives me the super shudders. I avoid them myself.

9. Paranormal evil bad guy. This is the spooky, creepy sort that gives me nightmares and keeps my nightlight ON! Yo.

10. Yeah baby!  I stinkin’ love this crap. (Yes, I know that means I must have been a dude in another life) These bad guy are well .. . monstrous. There’s no reasoning with this level of fantastical evil. Our minds don’t even try. They are 100% fun to loathe bad guys and they do scary very well.

What about you? Who’s your favorite bad guy of all? Leave a comment and let me know!

Interview with Aimee Laine, author of Surrender

Surrender — Mimics of Rune #2

Surrender (Mimics of Rune, #2)

Face the past or look to the future? Both will hurt. One could kill her.

All her life, Lily Crane has supressed her childhood memories, masking the signs of abuse with a variety of looks. From brunette to blonde, tall to short — as a Mimic, changing shape is her gift. Her right. Her achilles heel.

It’s Lily’s latest likeness, chosen simply by accident, which threatens to repeat a history she’s desperate to forget. Worse, she must do so without the one man who takes all her pain away: Cael Aldridge.

Cael has no intention of leaving Lily on her own. He never has. Now, with the woman he loves in the hands of a predator who wants Lily for her genetics, Cael will do everything he can to bring her home.


He can only pray he isn’t too late.

Aimee Laine

About this author:

Aimee is a romantic at heart and a southern transplant with a bit of the accent (but not a whole bunch). She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and with him, she’s produced three native North Carolinians, two of whom share the same DNA.
With an MBA and a degree in Applied Mathematics, there’s absolutely no reason she should be writing romance novels. Then again, she shouldn’t need a calculator to add two numbers, either … but she does.

Ms. Laine will now take your questions:

 Q. Hello and welcome! Can you tell us about your book?

My book? 🙂 What do you want to know about it? I mean, it’s a romance (with some good steam to coat your glasses but not too much) and it’s a mystery (because someone is always doing something they shouldn’t) and it’s suspenseful (because who knows if the outcome will be good!) and it’s the 2nd one in the series, which is super cool because I got to write about characters I fell in love with in book one!

Q. How did you come up with the idea?

It came to me. Really. It did. I don’t come up with anything. 🙂 Ultimately, though, the idea came while writing Little White Lies because Lily and Cael are in that story and being able to dive into their lives was a big part of what I wanted to do so once I started writing, I couldn’t stop!

 Q. What’s your main character’s greatest strength, biggest flaw?

Lily’s greatest strength is what she deems the weakest … it’s her ability to empathize. That truly defeats all.

Cael’s greatest strength is his fierce loyalty to his family and especially to Lily.

Q. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Facebook. Twitter. The Internet. My middle name is distracto-girl. I swear, if those things didn’t exist, I’d get a lot more done!

Q. What one question do you wish an interviewer would ask you but never has?

Um … I’m pretty sure THIS is a question an interviewer has never asked. LOL Now for wishing for a question … well … hmmm… I have no idea!

 Q. What are you working on now? Do you tend to work on multiple projects or one at a time?

I’m always working on multiples. One in editing, one in draft, one in final. Right now I’m finishing Silent Echoes to deliver to my editor. I’m writing Perry Road,  YA trilogy and I’m writing Redeemed, book 3 in the Mimics of Rune series.

 Q. What is your favorite line from this book?

Well, it’s not one line, but one statement from Maggie …

“But you do everything for her. Or you say you will. You’re always there for her. She needs some room to grow some balls, Cael.”

 Q. Did you always want to be a writer?

Nope. 🙂

 Q. Was there any part that you struggled with or avoided writing?

Not avoided, but struggled with … I rewrote 25,000 words in the story when I realize I was going down a path I didn’t like at all. That’s the hard part – determining that what you wrote sucks and you HAVE to fix it.

Q. What are you reading right now? Do you read a book at a time or more than one?

I’ve just recently read Shadowborn by the uber fabulous Jocelyn Adams!

> Q. What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Any hobbies?

Hobbies? With my crazy life? 😉 I am taxi-mom to my boy and my girls. I work full time (which bleeds into more than full-time) and I’m a professional photographer though I haven’t been shooting much because I’ve been writing and working and being taxi-mom! 😉

 Q. What was your favorite book/who was your favorite writer as a teen?

Hmmm… as a teen? I’m not sure. I read a lot of literary fiction. Maybe Judy Blume. 🙂

 Q. Who is your favorite writer now?

Me! Oh, you meant someone else. You! No? Emi Gayle? That’s cheating. Hmmm… I like a LOT of writers and their work. I just don’t have ‘a favorite’ because those I like are all great!

Q,. What is the best young adult book you’ve read so far in 1012?

After Dark? 😉 Crux? 🙂 I’m going to go with those. I have read Touch, too. Liked that a lot.

 Q. What do you see emerging  as the next big trend in young adult literature?

In YA? Hmmm … trend-wise, not sure exactly, but I’m thinking New Adult instead of YA because teens ‘read up’ and the age group from 19-23 seems to be missing their books. I think that’s the next place. The kids in college that the teens ascribe to be.

Q. Have you ever wanted to quit writing? Why? What made you keep going?

Yes. Some days I think it’s a pointless endeavor because I don’t get enough time to do it! But, at the same time, I can’t stop. I’m addicted.

Q. If you could have a career besides being an author, what would it be?

I have a career I love. I’m a Program Manager for an eLearning company. I write. I manage people. I work with great people. I educate people. And it’s software related. It’s an awesome job, just really, really busy right now.

Q. We love animals! Do you have any pets at home?

For some reason, we have a menagerie of black and white animals. From oldest to youngest …

Dizzle, the SOLID black cat …

Sprinkles – a cat that came to us just this year with a freaky history and past! But a good one!

Oreo – Guinea pig number one who came with Squirrel, ‘delivered’ on Christmas by Santa. 🙂 This is post-bath.

And, not to be forgotten, but 8 month old Rascal. Yup. Totally fits his name.

We love ’em all!!

 I guess so … the cute factor of these little guys is a ten!

Thanks so much for joining us today, Aimee. It was great to have you here. 🙂

For more info on this author and where to buy her books:

So … what about you guys? Books, Cats, and Guinea Rats (that’s what we call those little guys at our house) … Aimee’s pretty neat, isn’t she? I think her book looks fantastic, what about you?

P.S. I really want to know how a cat can have a “past”, come on Sprinkles … dish!  🙂

Cover Reveal: Silent Echoes by Aimee Laine

Coming March 11, 2013


I love this cover, don’t you?       


Silent Echoes

Games of Zeus #2

by Aimee Laine

Release Date: March 11, 2013

Target Reader: Adult

Keywords: Paranormal RomanceRomance,

Back of the Book:
For years, Ian Sands has enjoyed his life as a bachelor, taking advantage of singlehood and exploring his own definition of passion—whoever she may be. Blonde. Brunette. Tall. Short. Hot. Not. Five months ago, all that changed.

Ian’s been celibate, frustrated and desperately seeking answers to why one woman, who doesn’t play by girls’ rules, haunts his every waking moment.

As a renovations specialist, Taylor Marsh lives, works and breathes construction—a profession her southern belle of a mother would rather Taylor not touch. The same goes for Ian; Mama Marsh would never approve of him.

Like Ian, though, each time he and Taylor draw near, something compels her to get closer.

Something else tells her to run away.



As much as their histories suggest they shouldn’t be together, neither Taylor nor Ian can deny the pull, and the two succumb, indulging in a relationship that brings pleasure to body, mind and soul.

Doing so, though, also ushers in a series of events both should have foreseen as well as one final outcome neither expected.


Other Books in this series include:
Hide & Seek

For more on Aimee Laine:

* Note: Book is Adult paranormal romance

I can’t wait you read it, how about you?

Author Interview with Stephanie Judice

Hi everyone! Meet Stephanie …

About this author:

Stephanie Judice calls lush, moss-laden New Iberia, Louisiana, home where the landscape curls into her imagination creating mystical settings for her stories. She shares her small, southern lifestyle with her husband and four children. As a high school teacher of English and Fine Arts, she is immersed in mythology, legends, and art that serve as constant inspiration for her writings. Some of her favorite things are autumn leaves, southern accents, Gothic architecture, Renaissance festivals, family movie nights, and, of course, William Shakespeare. Writing is her haven for self-expression where imagination rules and dreams do come true. RISING is her debut novel in the paranormal, teen series SAGA OF THE SETTI.

Lovely, right? Now meet her new book …

Having waited a millennium to return to the fertile feeding ground of earth, the dark giants break through a portal and storm out into the world in the guise of a massive hurricane—famished and fierce. Across the ocean, seventeen-year-old Gabriel Goddard is being plagued by terrifying nightmares about creatures that singe and burn the flesh then absorb the life energy of humans and devour the ashes. A chance meeting with Clara Dunaway immediately distracts Gabe from bad dreams. He has always had a sort of sixth sense—to feel the emotions of others around him. Clara’s presence numbs his other sense, nearly knocking him into a hypnotic state. Bewildered and fascinated, he is lured in by her. When Clara finally confesses that she has a similar gift to see auras around people, a spark flames between them, ignited by a paranormal force. Fate soon reveals that there is a higher purpose for their attraction. Along with Jeremy, the head-bangin’ metal head; Ben, the air-headed golden boy; Melanie, the kind- hearted Creole; and the old hermit named Homer, they must face this enemy as one. Discovering that they are descended from an ancient clan of Norse warriors, they awaken their dormant powers, preparing for the dark giants’ imminent invasion of their home. A shadow of darkness veils the land. Will the Setti rise to fulfill their long-awaited destiny?

Stephanie will now take your questions:

Q. Tell us about your book!

RISING  is a paranormal teen romance set in southern Louisiana. Gabe and Clara are being plagued by terrifying nightmares of hellish creatures that singe and burn the flesh then devour the ashes. What they don’t realize is that these nightmares foretell reality. They soon discover that they, as well as four other friends, are descended from Norse warriors with ancient powers to defeat these demons come in to destroy their world. This first book in the series sets the stage for a dystopian series. Book two, RESISTANCE, is due out this October where they continue their journey north to train and battle with other clans.

Q. How did you come up with the idea?

Well, I knew I wanted to create villains that didn’t exist in our folklore, as vampires and werewolves do, but very well could have if we looked hard enough.  I have a fascination with Celtic and Norse mythology which played a big part in developing my characters and their world. I also wanted the heroes in my story to depend upon faith, hope, and each other in order to defeat their enemy rather than the fate of the world falling on one person’s shoulders.

Q. What’s your main character’s greatest strength, biggest flaw?

I have two main characters. Gabe’s greatest strength is his loyalty to those he loves. His greatest weakness is his inability to control his emotions. He’s also very passionate, which plays into his strength and his weakness. Clara’s greatest strength is her tenacious spirit. Her greatest weakness is when her tenacity transforms into stubbornness.

Q. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Editing. I once worked as an editor for a small publishing company and am now an English teacher, so I completely understand the need for editing. It’s just still a painstaking process. However, that shiny feeling when I’ve polished my work (with the help of amazing editors) is certainly worth all the effort.

Q. What one question do you wish an interviewer would ask you but never has?

Hmmmm… What’s your favorite color? Just kidding! (Green, by the way.) I suppose the question, “Why do you write?” The simple answer is to express my emotions, to tell stories that float around in my head, to share my love of literature. But, delving a layer deeper, I can say that I can’t not write. I believe other writers may agree with me that there is a constant compulsion to create worlds and dynamic characters and have them play out their performance on the page. Like the artist who feels compelled to paint on the canvas or a musician who must play or compose, I feel a similar sense of contentment when I am working on a story. Writing has its own kind of catharsis. I believe that it is often overlooked as a true art form.

Q. What are you working on now? Do you tend to work on multiple projects or one at a time?

I’m currently editing RESISTANCE, book two in the Setti series, which will be released this October. I’m more excited about this book than RISING, if that’s possible. I’ve also started a new novel, a demon hunter paranormal romance, set in New Orleans. I’m looking forward to working on this new novel, because it has a raw, edgy feel with a kick-butt heroine. I just love writing in her voice. I also enjoy angel/demon mythology, so this is a new subgenre of paranormal that will be fun to dive into.

Q. What is your favorite line from this book?

This was a tough question! Here’s one: “It was our ever-increasing spread of fear in this world, our faithless abuse of one brother to another that lured these dark beasts here to feed on the hopeless. The mere thought of what we’d brought on ourselves made me angry at our own ignorance.”

Q. Did you always want to be a writer?

Yes, in some fashion or another. I majored in journalism in college until one professor announced that journalists had no morals and were required to get the story no matter what. After class, I marched myself across the street to the Arts and Sciences department and switched my major to English: Creative Writing.

Q. Was there any part that you struggled with or avoided writing?

Wow. Hmmmm . . . I’d probably say the kissing and intimate scenes. While I absolutely cannot live without romance, in literature and in life, I become angst-ridden when writing these scenes, because I want so much for them to come across as genuine and passionate to the reader rather than hokey and cheesy.

Q. What are you reading right now? Do you read a book at a time or more than one?

The Moon Dwellers by David Estes. I’ve had it on my TBR list for a while now, so I’m glad to finally start reading. I usually don’t read two books at one time. The only exception is when one book doesn’t keep my interest. Then I have to venture away and come back later.

Q. What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Any hobbies?

A main pastime at our house is family movie nights with my husband and four children.  (My husband makes amazing, super-buttery home-popped popcorn.) I definitely enjoy reading and hanging out on Goodreads, where I’ve met some fabulous people in the book-world (including Julie Reece). I spend a great deal of time at my two sons’ football games on the weekends. Of course, I enjoy reading—mostly paranormal and YA. And, I love, love, love quiet nights at home with my husband and a good glass of wine. (This is hard to come by during football season.)

Q. What was your favorite book/who was your favorite writer as a teen?

Okay, total book nerd that I am, I discovered Charlotte Bronte when I was sixteen, and her novel Jane Eyre has been my favorite ever since. This tantalizing tale of Gothic romance in the haunting countryside of the English moors has been my muse for a long, long time. Jane is a strong, unassuming heroine who ignores class barriers and Victorian society to follow her heart. The happily-ever-after is wonderfully surprising after all she endures, and I love a tough heroine who beats the odds. I’m a sucker for the underdog.

 Q. Who is your favorite writer now?

How could you possibly ask me this question? It’s so hard to choose! There are so many books that I love, but if I would go with style and storytelling, I’d have to choose Juliet Marillier. She tells beautifully written tales with Celtic folklore and magic twisted into realistic, old-world settings. Her characters are diverse and definitely heroines that you want to root for. Her Sevenwaters series is worth reading over and over again.

 Q. What is the best young adult book you’ve read so far in 2012?

Well, I expect it to be Crux (which is at the top of my TBR list now), but I’ve actually not read very many YAs recently. I’ve been stuck on paranormal romance in the adult genre for some reason—friend recommendations. But, I suppose I’d have to say Blood Warriors by H.D. Gordon.

Q. What do you see emerging as the next big trend in young adult literature?

Interestingly, I’ve noticed an emerging genre that has formed due to a lapse in categories in between YA and Adult. New Adult or NA is a category targeting readers in between high school and their late twenties, before they’ve established a career, family, and the like. My new demon hunter novel will be categorized in this genre as my heroine is a 20-year-old college student.

Q. Have you ever wanted to quit writing? Why? What made you keep going?

Yes. Why? Complete and utter frustration that I would be the only one to ever read my stories besides a handful of friends. I suppose you could say I was pouting for a few months. After writing RISING (I’d already written three other novels that I’d shelved as not-my-genre), I felt so much that it was worthy of publication. After dozens of rejections from agents, I put the book away and just stopped writing for a bit, unsure what to do next. Then an old friend of mine, now my editor, contacted me out of the blue about my writing. (Can you say, divine intervention?) With her knowledge of marketing and the new, growing industry of independent publishing, doors opened for my first-published novel. With new vigor, I launched back into my story of Gabe and Clara. I have forever been an optimist, and can happily say I will never let those doubts creep in on me again.

Q. If you could have a career besides being an author, what would it be?

I’d love to be a literary agent where I’d be immersed in the book-world, helping other authors launch their career, meeting cool people, going to writers’ conferences, etc. I suppose I just can’t imagine any other job that doesn’t include books and stories. Oh, if I had any sort of brain for business, I’d open a little book store/coffee shop. I wouldn’t make a dime with my lack of business sense, but man, would it be a cool place to hang out every day! And, of course, I’d have author readings/signings ALL the time.

Q. We love animals! Do you have any pets? Can you tell us a bit about them?

I’m attaching pics of our two cats London and Petie. Funny story about Petie. First, London is a boy, which we learned after we named him. And we took Petie home after my kids found her in the bushes at our church, St. Peter’s (hence the name). Petie, we’ve discovered, is very much a girl. She’s quite pregnant at the moment. You can tell she’s big in the belly in this pic. Before getting herself “with litter” she was very tiny.

With the drop in barometric pressure because of Hurricane Isaac, I keep waiting for her to go into labor. She’s acting very skittish today.  Oh, we’re pretty sure that London is the doting father. He looks pretty smug and proud of himself in the pic I sent (even though that was last Christmas). 😉

Thanks so much for joining us here today! We had a blast having you visit, come back anytime!!

I just want to say thank you to the lovely Julie Reece, who is a southern kindred spirit. Knowing she is a highly acclaimed author and just downright terrific person, I am honored she asked me to visit her blog and share thoughts with her wonderful readers.

(I paid her to say that stuff about me) Just kidding.

Here’s more info on todays author:


Goodreads fan site:



Okay guys, that’s our show for today. Thanks so much for stopping by. I love you people, by the way. Oh and Stephanie’s was pretty great, too. I really like this girl, must be that we both love Jane Eyre and the color green 🙂 Not to mention she’s just plain nice.  She was a really good sport putting up with all my crazy questions … wouldn’t you agree?


The babies are here!

Stepahine says:

They’re so cute how they sleep in a big ball. There are two silver tabbies like her and two calicos. Though the calicos look all black they have little spots of white and orange. We’re calling one Patch bc he has a spot right over his eye. 🙂 

Oh my gosh, I want one, don’t you?