Crossing Hathaway Blurb and Cover by Jocelyn Adams

♥ Here is the gorgeous cover for Jocelyn Adams newest release! We were lucky enough to to snag a copy for you to see!

Release date:  August 4th

Genre:  Adult Contemporary Romance

The publisher is Liquid Silver Books:


♥ Blurb:

Thirtysomething Eva had a choice to make: shut her big mouth and work directly for Ben Hathaway—the übersexy, incredibly arrogant, reclusive owner of Hathaway Pharmaceuticals. Or tell him he’s an ass like she’s dying to do and get herself fired.

Giving up, though, would leave her penniless, land her back home with a father who hates her, and without the only job she’s ever loved.

Decision made, Eva opts for the lesser of two evils. So she thinks.

Ben keeps Eva on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week—tasked with activities that don’t fit her job description: like getting him coffee, staying for dinner, and more … personal requests. Despite having sworn off men, the chemistry between them lights fires she’s supposed to be putting out.

As it turns out, getting screwed by the boss takes on a whole new meaning. When word of their developing relationship leaks, both of Eva’s roles—reluctant girlfriend and IT genius—are subject to termination.

She was absolutely right when she thought getting involved with Ben was a bad idea, and now, balancing work and love may no longer even be an option. Saving Ben may require that Eva walk away. From everyone.

That, or, death may be the cause that parts them. Forever.

 ♥ Want more infomation on Jocelyin and her books? I know, right? Me too!!/JocelynAdams

About Jocelyn:

I’m an urban fantasy and paranormal romance author, wife, mother, former IT geek and a recovering carb-aholic.  I live in the lovely Muskoka region of Ontario with my high school sweetheart and our daughter.

Recently I had the amazing experience of holding my very first novel in my hands.

Life is good.

Thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to read Crossing Hathaway. How about you?

NOTE: Crossing Hathaway is an Adult Contemporary Romance.

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