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What’s up with this book pirating thing?

 We’re on the lookout for pirates!

Why … ?

I’m, um, … one, two, three, four—thirteen days from my debut novel Crux being released. Whoa. *shakes head* Absolutely mind blowing, right? There are a lot of emotions and thoughts rattling around in my head, but of all the notions vying for top billing, I didn’t think worry over pirating would be amongst them.

Since I’m new, I’m watching other debut authors that have released books ahead of me, and … Wait, no, not the ‘creepy stalker’ sort of watching. The ‘I’m so in awe of you, can I learn from you Obi Wan’ sort of watching. Anyhoo, one of those people is amazing YA author and new friend Stephanie Lawton. She wrote a fantastic article on piracy, you can read here: , because her debut novel Want was illegally downloaded pretty much instantly.

Pirated copies of writer friend, Claire Gillian’s debut book The P.U.R.E. appeared on sites within the same two week time frame after initial release. She writes contemporary women’s romance, though. See? No one is safe, dang it!

I can tell you I got a big fat lump in my throat. I’d heard a little bit about piracy, but I thought they hit up mostly the NYT bestselling bunch, (not that that’s okay either, it’s definitely not!)

If you are mostly new to this stuff, like I am, I didn’t even know what some of these terms meant. Care to learn with me? Here’s what I found…

Book Pirate: One who infringes the copyright of a book by reading it in the store and memorizing it or downoads off illegal internet sites without paying for it. (Urban Dictionary)

File Sharing: The practice of sharing computer data or space on a network such as such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents, or electronic books. (

DRM or digital rights management: A class of access control technologies that are used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals with the intent to limit the use of digital content and devices after sale. (Wikipedia)

You’re fascinated, right? Yeah, me, too. I wish I didn’t have to know about this stuff, either, but it won’t help to put our heads in the sand. I really thought I was too small for anyone to fool with, but I guess I can’t assume that anymore.

As Stephanie stated in her blog, here are some of the most common pirating sites. If you write, make yourself aware, and if you read, please don’t use them. I placed them here because I’m trying to follow the advice in her post, but also to spread the word.

So who cares about pirating? Why are authors making such a big deal? Because authors want their books to be read, but they also want to get paid for it. Many of us dream of doing what we love and supporting ourselves while doing it. Can you believe there are people out there who are upset about that? Jennifer L. Armentrout wrote another great article on epub file sharing and book downloads here:

To tackle the idea from another perspective, here’s the way I see pirating…

Say your mom is an amazing cook. She’s so cute in her blue and white striped apron and spends hours on end creating perfect little cupcakes. They are intricate and awesome. I mean, her culinary confections are freakin’ works of art. She’s so proud, and of course, you, her extended family and friends are over-the-top excited for her. She doesn’t stop there, though. She can’t, this is her biggest dream.

After a lot of looking, (maybe months, even years) your mom finds a bakery willing to sell and promote her desserts. The bakery owner puts a lot of time and money into advertising and marketing. Opening day arrives. The shoppe window is filled with her dazzling treats. The scents of vanilla, fruit and cinnamon fill the air. Your mother smiles wide with anticipation and excitement, maybe a little fear, too. Will people like them? She wonders. Customers arrive and lo and behold, they do! Love them in fact. She notices a couple people pick up a cupcake or two and leave without paying. No big, right? It’s just a few, but her heart sinks as more and more sweets are carried out without being paid for. The skin on her brow creases in confusion. Across the room, the smile fades from the bakery owner’s face and her chest tightens.

A blonde woman in a red dress exits the store with a pretty pink cupcake. Your mother takes a deep breath and approaches her with a timid smile. “Excuse me, ma’am, those treats aren’t free.”

The blonde pats your mother’s hand. “Oh my gosh, these are uber fantastic! I just love your work, you’re so talented. Will you sign the wrapper?”

“Uh … thank you so much,” your mother answers, “but I wanted to point out our cashier, over there? You can go—”

“Sure, sure, I know they aren’t technically free, but a great product like this is for the world and should be shared.’ She gives a sly wink. “Plenty of others are paying, right? You know what I’m going to do for you, honey? I’m going to tell all my friends about you. I bet you already have loads of money anyway, don’t you? We’ll let the next guy pay for mine.” She elbows your mom in the arm. You mom rubs the spot and takes a step back. “I’ll even write a rave review in the food section of the paper!”

Your mother’s stomach twists. She gazes at the front door where a few more patrons slip out with goodies not paid for. Unshed tears glisten, threatening to spill over. “All my hard work …”

You walk over and take your mother’s hand. Her fingers tremble, so you give them a light squeeze knowing this isn’t what she planned. “It’s okay, mom,” you say, but you both know it isn’t true.

Writers are people with friends, family and business partners the same as anyone else. There’s no difference. So aside from the fact that file sharing is illegal and wrong, it hurts the authors we love and the agents, editors and publishing houses that back those writers.

I formally invite you to just say no to free downloads. Food for thought.

Fun Free Giveaways Abound!

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June 18, 2012

By JTaylor

Crux by Julie ReeceCrux by Julie Reece

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Crossing Hathaway Blurb and Cover by Jocelyn Adams

♥ Here is the gorgeous cover for Jocelyn Adams newest release! We were lucky enough to to snag a copy for you to see!

Release date:  August 4th

Genre:  Adult Contemporary Romance

The publisher is Liquid Silver Books:


♥ Blurb:

Thirtysomething Eva had a choice to make: shut her big mouth and work directly for Ben Hathaway—the übersexy, incredibly arrogant, reclusive owner of Hathaway Pharmaceuticals. Or tell him he’s an ass like she’s dying to do and get herself fired.

Giving up, though, would leave her penniless, land her back home with a father who hates her, and without the only job she’s ever loved.

Decision made, Eva opts for the lesser of two evils. So she thinks.

Ben keeps Eva on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week—tasked with activities that don’t fit her job description: like getting him coffee, staying for dinner, and more … personal requests. Despite having sworn off men, the chemistry between them lights fires she’s supposed to be putting out.

As it turns out, getting screwed by the boss takes on a whole new meaning. When word of their developing relationship leaks, both of Eva’s roles—reluctant girlfriend and IT genius—are subject to termination.

She was absolutely right when she thought getting involved with Ben was a bad idea, and now, balancing work and love may no longer even be an option. Saving Ben may require that Eva walk away. From everyone.

That, or, death may be the cause that parts them. Forever.

 ♥ Want more infomation on Jocelyin and her books? I know, right? Me too!!/JocelynAdams

About Jocelyn:

I’m an urban fantasy and paranormal romance author, wife, mother, former IT geek and a recovering carb-aholic.  I live in the lovely Muskoka region of Ontario with my high school sweetheart and our daughter.

Recently I had the amazing experience of holding my very first novel in my hands.

Life is good.

Thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to read Crossing Hathaway. How about you?

NOTE: Crossing Hathaway is an Adult Contemporary Romance.

A yeah for nominations!

It’s a major award!

Well, no, not that kind of award. I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger by the talented, Jennifer Eaton  I wasn’t sure what that meant so I looked it up at  …


1. capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer.
2. having or capable of many uses: a versatile tool.
3. Botany . attached at or near the middle so as to swing freely, as an anther.
4. Zoology . turning either forward or backward: a versatile toe.
5. variable or changeable, as in feeling, purpose, or policy: versatile moods.

I’m going to go with definition 1. versus toes or tools, and in that case, thanks Jennifer!!! What a nice thing to say! (She’s a nice lady.)

I believe I’m here for some kind of award?

The other award I’m nominated for is the  Sunshine Blogger Award by Emaginette on her blog, Shout with Emaginette (Also a lovely person and very kind to nominate me)

The Rules:

The rules are to nominate 7-10 blogs and to share 7 things that others won’t know about you.  If you would like you can follow this example and you can share excerpts/artwork/photos/etc. that you’ve not shown before.

My Seven Secrets:

1. I can eat an entire, large, thin crust Pizza Hut pizza by myself. (I know)

2. My thumbs are double jointed so my hitchhiking looks really weird.

3. I panic in my MINI if I’m surrounded by semis on the highway.

4. I would totally have a snake as a pet.

5. I’d like to skydive before I die.

6. I like to buy shabby old antiques owned by people who are dead now.

7. I could spend eight hours in a museum and it would feel like eight minutes to me.

Check out these awesome sites and writers. I nominate the following bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award  award!

Dunder Mifflin’s salesman of the year award is a nice one, too!

Okay, I goofed around because, well, I’m almost always a goofy sort, but all kidding aside, it’s an honor and really nice to be nominated , thanks ladies! 🙂 You are very kind. 🙂

2012 Debut Author Giveaway Hop

June 7th to 13th

Featuring books released in 2012 by First Time Authors

Be sure to checkout all the other amazing sites offering books by talented new authors!

Thanks to : I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & The Non Reluctant Reader for all their hard work in hosting this fabulous event!


One (ebook) ARC copy of my YA urban fantasy Crux is featured in this givaway.

Psst, I’m the shiney new debut author if you hadn’t guessed 🙂

Release Date: July 9, 2012

I’m so excited, guys!


She should have run. Now, she’ll have to fight.
Eighteen year old Birdie may be homeless, but she’s surviving, that is until a mysterious guy throws money in the air like a crazy game show host, and she grabs some with the idea she’ll be able to buy dinner that night.
In that singular moment, unassuming Birdie becomes the girl in everyone’s viewfinder. Thugs want to kill her. Money-guy wants to recruit her. The very hot, very rich and very out of her league, Grey Mathews, wants to save her.
Birdie, though, wants nothing to do with any of them, until she realizes fate didn’t bring them all together.
Her heritage did.
Now, with only twenty-one days left, she’s got to decide whether to follow in the footsteps of those before her or risk her life for people she’s only just met.

Okay, now on to the good stuff!

♥ ♥ ♥ The chance to win is easy! Simply click on a link : and add it to your Good Reads ‘to-be read’ list OR  Like the author here:!/profile.php?id=100000731558180 or both LOL. Then leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for entering.

Good Luck!


… and the winning comment is …

Added book to my “to-read” Goodreads shelf (Darlene)

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Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for entering, Darlene, and congrats. I really hope you enjoy my new book!!!

Thanks again to all who commented. I really appreciate your support!

Author Interview with Stephanie Lawton

….and here she is !

What a gorgeous cover! Makes you want to read, doesn’t it?


After collecting a couple English degrees in the Midwest, Stephanie Lawton suddenly awoke in the deepest reaches of the Deep South. Culture shock inspired her to write about Mobile, Alabama, her adopted city, and all the ways Southern culture, history and attitudes seduce the unsuspecting.

A lover of all things gothic, she can often be spotted photographing old cemeteries, historic buildings and, ironically, the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast. She also has a tendency to psychoanalyze people, which comes in handy when creating character profiles.

On her thirtieth birthday, she mourned (okay bawled) the fact that in no way could she still be considered a “young adult,” so she rebelled by picking up Twilight and promptly fell in love with Young Adult literature.

She has a love/hate relationship with Mardi Gras–where does all that money come from?–and can sneeze 18 times in a row. 🙂

Ms. Lawton will now take your questions …

Q.   When did you first realize you wanted to write?

Not until a few years ago when we moved from northeast Ohio to Mobile, Alabama. I’ve always been a voracious reader and I earned two English degrees, but I focused on nonfiction writing — academic, TV news, and copy editing, etc. I think fiction was a way of working through culture shock!


Q.       What books inspired you as a teen? Who are your favorite authors now? 

I was a total nerd, so I stuck to the pieces my teachers had me read. If I liked a certain author, I’d go find more stuff by him or her. I read a lot of Shakespeare, Poe and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Now I read as much YA as I possibly can. My absolute favorite YA author is Cassie Clare, but I also adore Michelle Hodkin, Myra McEntire, Kelly Keaton and Maggie Stiefvater. I’m also a fan of fellow Alabama YA author R.A. Nelson. There’s even a little nod to him and his first novel, Teach Me, in my book.

Q.       How did you meet your husband? Was it love at first site, or did you make him chase you around first?

Oh, jeez, this isn’t a good story. (Sorry, honey!) I was dating his friend, who called me up one evening and dumped me over the phone. (It was the first and last time I’d ever been dumped!) It was totally out of the blue and I was really, REALLY upset about it. So I called his friend and asked him if he knew what the deal was. He said he didn’t and was just as shocked. There was an off-campus party the next night, so I invited him up so we could talk about the situation. Well … I was really low, and there may have been some drinking involved. I kissed him, but decided I just wanted to be friends, so we hung out for a couple months and everybody kept asking me why I wasn’t dating him. Yadda, yadda, he was patient and persistent, my family and friends fell in love with him, so I gave him a chance, and now we’ve been married ten years and have two adorable kids. He’s my best friend. 🙂

Q.       Where do the inspirations for your stories come from? Do you have a muse?

Ideas don’t just hit me — they have to marinate for a while. Want was inspired by a snotty lady at a Mardi Gras parade and the culture shock I was experiencing. My second manuscript was partially inspired by two TV shows and some Mobile history. The story I’m starting now is a result of a little homesickness for rural Ohio, along with another TV show.

Q.       What does an average day look like for you? Can you take us through your routine?

“Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head … ” Beatles? Anyone? *sigh* I’m up early to get the kids fed, dressed and out the door to drive my son to school. That’s followed by grocery shopping or errands, and then home to check email, Facebook, etc. After about ten minutes of that, my daughter usually jumps on me and we spend the day together. Then we pick up my son, I make dinner, my husband comes home, and I get an hour to myself (to shower, write, read, whatever) with the bedroom door locked. We get the kids ready for bed, read stories, say prayers, and then I have about two hours to write. Glamorous, eh?

Q.       What speaks to you and why, Scottish castle, New York penthouse, or rustic, California beach house?

All of them and none of them. The history nerd in me would love to explore the Scottish castle; the adventurer in me would love a posh New York pad; and I can’t live without being near the water, so a beach house is appealing, too. And yet–this is going to sound weird–I don’t like to travel. Someday, though, I’d love to have a beach house on Dauphin Island, Alabama, right on the Gulf of Mexico.

Q.       What do you see as the next big trend in YA?

That’s a tough one. We’ve seen vampires, zombies, werewolves, angels (fallen and otherwise), dystopians … I think we’re going to see a lot of genre-bending and blending. I’d love to see more well-written YA horror.

Q.       What are you working on now?

I’m currently querying a fast-paced Southern ghost story, but it also could be magical realism, soft horror, paranormal, with a small thread of LGBT. It’s a total mutt. And I’m starting a contemporary story that blends in some semi-apocalyptic stuff, basically boy v. nature. I don’t want to give away any more. 🙂

Q.       Do you have any pets? Can you tell us how they joined your family and what they mean to you?

Sadly, we only have one cat now. We had two — Romeo and Juliet — but Romeo is now scratching in the litter box in the sky. Oddly, Juliet seems happier without her Romeo. We also had a Newfoundland mix, but she too is barking at birds in heaven. We have a few fish that no one pays attention to, and I’m considering naming our dust bunnies. 🙂

Thanks so much for joining us today, Stephanie. It was great having you.

For more information on Want or Stepanie Lawton, please see below:


Tidal Whispers Release Day June 4th

Now available!

Tidal Whispers

by Jocelyn Adams, Claire Gillian, Julie Reece, Kelly Said

Target Reader: Adult

Keywords: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Romantic, Urban Fantasy


Heart’s Desire by Julie Reece After a terrible accident, Tessa returns to her family beach house to heal. She doesn’t expect to see her first summer crush from seven years before. Cameron, though, reappears and ignites a relationship that’s far more intense than ever before. The only problem? Summer is once again coming to an end, and this time, Tessa will have to decide whether to choose life with Cameron or to never see him again.
The Sweetest Song by Claire Gillian Under Poseidon’s rule, Circe is the most destructive siren in the Pacific ocean, her songs luring ships and their crew to their watery graves. Not Otis, the best halibut fisherman in the Alaskan waters. His ship, the Calypso, has avoided disaster each time Circe set her sights on him.
Given one last chance to deliver Otis to Davy Jones’ locker, Circe takes to land to waylay the handsome captain. Instead, it may be Otis himself who hooks the Siren.
Pearl of Pau’maa by Kelly Said Should Miki choose to wed the local wealthy boy she doesn’t love, her stomach will stop grumbling. Her soul, however, will suffocate. With one last opportunity before she must concede, she sneaks off for a final dive to her hidden crate at the bottom of the seabed. What waits for her is more than a captured lobster. It’s a treasure she cannot claim without great sacrifice or true love.
The Undergarden by Jocelyn Adams Nixie, a water sprite, lives a solitary existence as she struggles to understand the strange world beyond her waters.  When she meets one of the pink ones, a curious boy named Wyatt, their friendship blooms into a love that can exist only upon the sands that divide his solid ground from her underwater paradise. Some love, though, once born, cannot be undone, even in the face of death.

I’m so excited! I can’t believe the day is finally here, whaa-hoo!


Available in various ebook formats from:


Barnes & Noble (online)

All Romance eBooks


Want to know more about this great anthology? Follow the links here:

Check it out!

What’s happening hotstuff?

Hey everybody!

Lots going on, lookee here …

The nice folks on Good Reads Group, Never Too Old For Y. A., have been nice enough to ask me some questions. You can catch my interview here:

One of my favorite bloggers (In the universe? Yes, that’s right.) ran a flash contest and let moi pick the winner. Here is the winning entry! Take a look at her blog while you’re over there, she’s freakin’ awesome!

Friend and talented Writer Stephanie Lawton’s YA novel, Want, is coming June 7th.

I will interview her here on June 5th, but until then, Want is in a cover war, voter here:

Ain’t it purdy?

J Taylor Publishing is offering the awesome novel Darkness and Light (with the fancy schmancy new cover) for just .99 for a short time with bonus content.  Get over there people! (FYI: This is an adult novel)

Yummy awesomeness

 Gifted writer and friend Jocelyn Adams is hosting a giveaway. I love me some free stuff, people! Jocelyn’s amazing story The Undergarden leads the pack in the soon to be released Tidal Whispers along with Claire Gillian, Julie Reece (okay, yeah that’s me) and Kelly Said. You can enter to win a copy here …

Good luck!

Available June 4th Check out the reviews on Good Reads!