Reading Hydra? *snort* I wish!

Look out, children, I am in another one of my weird moods. So, I’m cruising along, reading my book, and I think … I’m so slow, there’s got to be a faster way to read.

Do you know the legend of the Hydra?

Try not to notice how naked he is, that’s not the point.

Every time Heracles whacked off the head of a Hydra, two grew in it’s place. I’d like to order eight to ten heads please. Temporarily, that is, to help me deal with my ever growing to-be read list. Do you have one of those? The list, silly, not the ten heads.

Or what if you were like Neo, from the Matrix, and you could just download books into your brain from a connection at the base of your neck?

… There is no spoon … 

Never mind. Neo’s busy right now.

I guess my point was my list is on Good Reads keeps getting longer and stands at a whopping three hundred and thirty two books. Wanna see?

Ambitious no? Well, all these amazing and talented authors just keep tempting me with too many awesome reading choices. It’s all their fault! Uh … okay no, but I digress. If I owned ten seperate heads, I know I could finally make a dent in my book pile that has grown the length of my arm.  Sigh. What’s a reader to do?

The main books I want to sink my YA Hydra teeth in right now are here:

Of course, that doesn’t even cover the YA that aren’t out yet, like these:

Or the ADULT books like:

Tip of the reading iceberg, people. My cats, Hugo and Loofah, have informed me my ten heads sound like a great play toy I would supply them with from the pet store. That just sounds painful. And my Matrix idea makes me a TSTL (too stupid to live) canidate, so I guess I’ll quit wishing and get back to reading my book the old fasioned way. A nice breeze is waiting on my porch swing. With my 32 oz southern tea in hand, I’ll head out there soon. Birds are singing and the smell of fresh cut summer grass is in the air. Maybe slow is not such a bad way to read after all.

How about you? Do you have a favorite place to sit and read? What about your reading list, manageable or scary? Let me know!

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