Blond, brunette or ginger … yes please!

Do you have a favorite ‘look’ you feel drawn to in a YA novel? Does it have to do with someone you’re dating and crazy about? Maybe you hate all blonds right now because that ex you broke up with that turned out to be a big, fat jerk. Dark skin, fair, blue eyes, green, brown, do you have a fav? Many don’t care, and in the end, let’s face it, it’s the great writing that pulls us in and makes us fall in love. Still, there was that boy in my eigth grade science class with black hair and eyes almost as dark. I crushed on that dude for two years, and every time I read about a guy with black hair my mind travels back … 🙂

Fury (The Fury Trilogy #1) Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy, #1) Shadows (Lux, #0.5) Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1) City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5)

Sigh. We should all be so beautiful.

Do you have a favorite ‘look’? let me know!

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6 responses to “Blond, brunette or ginger … yes please!

  • kford2007

    When I was a young girl, I had a crush on Frank Hardy of the Hardy Boys, I kid you not. I wanted him bad (well, a guy that looked like him).

    Now I have a thing for tall guys with dark hair and green eyes. That would be my look to have and to hold. 🙂

  • Ruth

    I’m yet to write about a boy who doesn’t have dark hair and dark eyes and two of those boys have dark curls.

    Mr S has blond hair and blue eyes, of course : D

  • Amaleen Ison

    Female heroines with red hair have been rather overdone IMO, but they make for a striking cover. I have to admit that I rather like men with long (ish) hair, so my male MC’s (no matter what the hair colour) tend to have long locks.

  • Julie Antonovich Reece

    Most of my MC’s have longer hair. (I’ve written several historical stories so that may be part of it) but I also think it’s hot. 🙂 If I think back over my crushes as a girl, both in real life and movie stars or singers, I think I’ve covered all the color combinations. Ha!

  • jabelfield

    It’s weird because I’m married to a bloke with long hair, but I always write men shorter, tousled hair. It’d feel weird writing a bloke who reminded me of hubby. Oh, and the dude on the Shadows cover? Yeah, I could just about stare at him alllllll day. 😉

  • Em

    I tell myself we were that beautiful when we were young. We just didn’t notice because it was our face and our face is always a normal one.

    I’m sticking to that story even if I’m so totally wrong. So there! *tongue sticking out* 🙂

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