Monthly Archives: December 2011

It’s nice to meet you.

In the immortal words from the movie Runaway Bride…

Maggie to Peggy: You are totally mysterious.

Peggy: No. I’m weird. Weird and mysterious are two very different things.

 Maggie: I’m weird. 

 Peggy: No, you’re quirky. Quirky and weird are two very different things.

Okay, why did I say all that or choose to introduce myself this way? I have two theories. A. I’m over tired and losing my mind. B. I’m weird. Peggy explains we might fall into one of these categories, quirky, mysterious, or weird. The first two may be cooler, but I fear I end up in the latter.

I am a writer; odd may be part of that profile. Especially if one writes for young adults, which I do. I love epic battles and love stories that make me hold my breath as I read. Strong heroines, hot guys, lots of action, danger, and adventure that make my heart pound are favorite elements.

 Paranormal romance and urban fantasy writings are my heartbeat. The more I read, the more the stories sparked ideas of my own.  So, I decided to try and write a novel. It sucked. Bad. (I know this because I queried agents who nicely told me so) When I joined a critique site, I met people who helped me suck less.

I’m on a journey to see where the love of reading and writing will take me. I hope it takes me away from my job and lands me in a penthouse suite in London, or on a yacht on the ocean somewhere. What? It could happen. Okay, maybe not, and the truth is I write for the love of it anyway.  The full on rush of creating people and places that don’t exist and bringing them to life, or back from the dead ( a bit like a mad scientist) or whatever. You have to be a little different to come up with these twisted stories, right?

All of which brings me back to my first point, doesn’t it? I’m a bit weird. Still, weird can be interesting, and I hope my writings are the better for it.